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About Dorethia Kelly

It is said that most ventures spring from ones own experiences and that is certainly the case with Conner Coaching. A single parent, Dorethia has experienced many of the financial challenges that comes with money management and overcame them. Dorethia remembers a time when she didn’t know where to go for answers about the financial troubles she was having. The advice she was receiving from the financial industry didn’t fit her situation and no one in her circle was doing any better. It was then that she was determined to become her own ‘financial counselor.’

On the path to mastering her money, the desire to coach others to achieving financial victory was formed. This desire has led to helping people conquer their financial woes by creating debt elimination plans, developing achievable budgets, and incorporating a saving strategy.

Dorethia’s own experiences allow her to relate to people from all walks of life and help them gain control of their finances not only through education but also by changing their behaviors and mindsets toward money.

Dorethia earned a Masters of Business Administration degree in Finance and has worked in the corporate finance sector for over ten years.

Conner Coaching offers workshops and one on one coaching for individuals, families, organizations, companies and youth groups. Dorethia can help you learn how to save, get out of debt, deal with creditors, reign in your spending and live a financially free life!

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